Telesales & Service

Call CentreRunning a call centre can be costly and time consuming, regardless of the size of your team. It can also be essential for your business – as a revenue generating channel or as a means for your customers and prospects to get in touch.

It is vital that your agents are ready and able to provide the highest standard of service in an efficient and professional way. Every time your agents pick up the phone they are representing you, your business, its products and services, in fact your entire brand and reputation. Getting it right is not an option, it’s a must.

At nifty marketing we have over 20 years experience working in and managing call centres across the UK and globally.

We have worked in the financial, travel, automotive, entertainment and media sectors amongst others setting up and running successful teams of just a handful of agents to over 300, across multiple sites, languages and territories.

We have worked with businesses such as Sony, Expedia, The Telegraph, Virgin, Orange, AIG and Morgan Stanley to name a few, running short term campaigns, long term projects and permanent teams in all forms of call handling, including;

  • Inbound and outbound sales teams driving new customer acquisition, up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers and retention of lapsed or leaving customers.
  • Inbound and outbound support teams handling service and technical support calls, market research, general enquiry and complaint calls.

If you are trying to drive more inbound sales opportunity calls into your team, reduce the number of inbound service calls you are receiving and increase your FCR (First Call Resolution), we can help

If you need to generate more revenue through outbound calling or convert more of your inbound calls from an opportunity to a sale, we can help

We have experience in all aspects of call centre management including;

  • Resource planning and scheduling to make sure your inbound teams are busy but not missing calls and your outbound teams are efficient, productive and cost effective
  • Recruitment to ensure you hire the right people to represent your business and employ the right processes to handle turnover
  • Training to prepare and develop your teams to deliver the highest standard of service and achieve your objectives
  • Scripting and verbiage guides to help agents know what to say and ensure regulatory or business critical compliance
  • Ongoing Performance Management and Quality Assurance to drive continuous improvement and ensure the right standards, best practice and behaviour is instilled in each individual and team
  • Incentivising and motivating to achieve goals and deliver high performance in a productive and fun environment
  • The right technology to enable your teams to work as productively and effectively as possible, including telephony, chat, email and online self help
  • The right quality and volume of data for your outbound teams to be productive and cost effective
  • Industry standard best practice metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT and DSAT (customer satisfaction and disatisfaction)
  • Detailed and effective reporting of all useful measurable elements of making and taking calls
  • The right resources to support, manage, deliver and drive continuous improvement
  • Integrating your call centre teams with all other aspects of your business
  • The process and procedures required to make sure all of the above really work

You need to make sure that every customer contact that happens over the phone not only represents your brand, as you would do, but also maximises revenue generation and reputation building opportunities.

Every call is important and every customer should go away happy with the service they have received. We can help you deliver this simple philosophy.

If you have an idea and you want help developing it or you’re looking to revamp and appeal to a new or bigger audience, we would love to hear from you.

m: 07932 061 256