Is your brand consistent?

In a previous blog So what’s your focus for 2012?, I mentioned the need to ensure that your current marketing activity is integrated from a brand perspective.

Retaining brand consistency across all your marketing channels whether offline or online is so important as it helps you project a professional image. Having an inconsistent brand promise could easily lose you a client or customer.

Brand Many companies create brand guidelines which define aspects such as the logo usage, typeface, colour palette, tone of voice etc., along with the brand message and positioning. If you have brand guidelines, make sure you refer back to these when reviewing the consistency across all your on- and offline marketing.  You may be surprised how some aspects of your marketing have moved away from these guidelines.

Remember that your brand may actually have evolved since the production of the guidelines so you may want to update them, the key is to ensure that you build a plan for updating any parts of the mix that remain inconsistent or off brand in any way.

How you represent your business online is becoming more and more important and with the new channels available to us it’s easy to think that you can do whatever you want on your blog or facebook page, for example.

Don’t send out the wrong message make sure you keep everything consistent for optimal branding.

In future blogs I’ll be looking at how you can build brand guidelines without the need to engage with an expensive brand agency and also how you can update your marketing channels for brand consistency. Watch this space!


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